100 Word Challenge

Hi everyone for homework we were given the task to write a 100 word story. You are not allowed to go one word above 100 or one word below 100. This is my 100 story

100 Word Challenge

Prompt; she just wouldn’t stop crying.

This is bad this is very bad. The one who truly loved me for who I really am was…..Gone. The air was full of utter silence; I didn’t know what to say, until a girl she bent down and then she just wouldn’t stop crying. Know one talked to anyone and all you could hear was the sounds of mournful crying. I had to leave I couldn’t think about this tragedy any longer. I left I didn’t know where I was but when I stopped, I found myself at her grave. Why does it have to be me?

By Sarah Dunne

Inquiry Term 4

Hi Everyone,

this term for inquiry we have been looking at refugees and asylum seekers. Our topic for this term is called a place to call home. We have been talking and reading books about refugees we have really gotten to understand what its really like  be a refugee. I think it would be terrible to feel what a refugee must feel very often those feelings are a mixture of being scared, nervous, clueless, desperate, worried, sad, unknown, lonely, language barrier, excited I think you would feel these emotions because you are moving to a different country with a very short notice and you will be moving to a better place to be, but you will automatically become refugees.

5 Questions I have about this topic:

  1. Do all refugees go to a detention center?
  2. How many refugees have been accepted in Australia, and do we have more or less refugees than other country’s?
  3. Is every refugee bad?
  4. Why cant we accept all of the refugees that come to Australia?
  5. How many refugees are there in the whole world?

I think this topic has been very interesting so far and I think lots of kids in 5/6 will enjoy doing this project on Refugees and Asylum Seekers.


These poems are haiku and alliteration poems we have been learning a lot about these in class time. It has been really fun!!!!

Haiku Poems

The clouds roared with grief

The storm was fast approaching

It was terrible!


Llamas are so weird

They spit on you it is gross

You better stand back


Alliteration Poem

Bob the builder builds big bungalows

Carrie the cop carefully catches him

Flying funny flamingos

Around and around

The tiny toddlers ten

Play centers

So beware of big bob the builder


School Concert 2015

Hi Everyone,

On the 7th of October we had our school concert it was amazing. My class did the songs New York and On the road again/ I’m On My Way. The concert was very exciting everyone had a great time.

The concert was my last concert and I think it was full of brilliance! I think everyone enjoyed the school concert. Our costumes were jeans/overalls a flannel shirt a bandanna and boots for on the road again. For new York our costumes were a top hat, suspenders, white long sleeved top, black jeans and black or white shoes.

The songs for the concert were Bills/Money, Money, Money, Hit the Road Jack, Roam, Fly Away, Born to be Wild, Camel Train to Yamba, On the road again/ I’m on my way, Walk like an Egyptian, Maps, Run through the jungle, Tijabone, Waka Waka, New York, Uptown Funk, La La La, Party down by the sea and then the finale.

My favourite dance was Waka Waka by 5/6l and New York by 5/6s!

The school concert was totally amazeballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deacon Students

Hi Everyone,

Every Monday the deacon students come to our school and teach us new things about science. they have been doing this for 4 weeks now and I find it very fun and exciting. our group is doing it on explosions things going kaboom and chemical reactions. last session we got into groups and tried to make a mixture thing that will make something open or dissolve. I am very excited because today we will be finishing a really fun activitie and I really want to see what will happen. Having deacon students is really fun.


Term 3

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited for the new term ahead!! I am really looking forward to learning new things about unusual topics. I am also looking forward to inquiry because we are doing it much differently this term and I am excited to see how things will turn out and what topic I end up choosing. This term I think will be a great chance for me to try new things, and to try and work faster in a shorter time frame. I think this term will be really fun and exciting because we will be doing a lot of work on our concert, which the theme this year is travelling around the world!! The songs we are doing for our concert this year is On The Road Again and New York Frank Sinatra mixed with New York Alicia Keys. I think this years concert will be really fun and enjoyable. I think that this term I will be able to concentrate more in class time and to do my work really neatly and well:)




Hi everyone,

Yesterday we came back from a camp at Mount Evelyn. It was very exciting! My favourite activity we did was the giant swing because there was a rope that pulled you up 18m high until you were at the top and then you had to pull a blue cord which would make you go flying and free falling until you got to the top of the other side then you would keep swinging back and forth until the lady caught you. some of the other activities we did was the Leap of Faith, Flying Fox, Damper Making, circus Skills and Low ropes it was all very fun and exciting. In my cabin there was Mia, Helaina, Luiza, Isabella, Emma and Myself. On the second night we had something called red faces it is were you get into a group and perform an act that you have been working on, me and my friends did an acrobatic routine to Cheerleader and another routine called the morning routine. Here are some pictures of Camp!!


Fight Song-Rachael Platten

Hello Everyone,

This music video is by Rachael Platten it is called fight song. This is my favorite song ever I hope you enjoy!

If you like this song as well or have something to say about it please comment below!

From Sarah


Hi everyone,

Next term we are going on a camp to Mt Evelyn I cant wait!! I am really looking forward to the leap of faith because I think that it will be really high!  I also am looking forward to the food because I have heard that it is delicious.

I cant wait to find out about the cabins today I hope I have all of my friends in my cabin, that would be awesome. I think the best thing about camp will be that my parents are not there. So I can just stay with my friends.

From Sarah


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