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school with no rules

the school with no rules was about a school in new Zealand that had no rules. the school was called Swanson primary. at this school you could do anything you wanted but you are not allowed to kill. I would like to go to this school because you get to take risks and you can do whatever you want. I would also like it because you can climb trees, go on your scooter and run around all play. on the video it looked like they were having so much fun and then working hard back in the classroom. Would you like to go to this school? please reply

About Me


My name is Sarah. I am 10 years old.  I like playing Netball, I play in a team called the bullets it’s really fun we play every week. I also do dancing every week I do ballet and jazz. I really like playing sport it is one of my favorite things to do. I also like drawing and art I like doing this at school. I live in a family with 4 people. my favorite colors are certain blues and certain greens. the footy team that I go for is hawthorn they are a really good team. my favorite sport is Netball.