April 2015 archive

Anzac Day

hello everyone,

At school we had an Anzac day celebration. We went to church and  we listened to the last post we also had a minute silence. People came up and showed us  medals and hats from peoples siblings that had gone to war. We had a very big display of the parish’s siblings that had gone to war and fought for Australia. War helps us remember all those who have fought for Australia and died by the opposition shooting them while they were trying to protect us and Australia. if someone in my family went to war I would be so sad and scared I would hate it.

My holidays

hello everyone,

my holidays were awesome. I went to a place called latitude its like bounce and clip n climb in one! it also had these really high things that you could go on it was so fun. for Easter we went to my grandparents house we had like 5 Easter egg hunts it was delicious. we saw all of our cousins on dads side it was a nice catch up. my favorite bit of the holidays though was going to bendigo to see my cousins and my aunty and uncle because we haven’t seen them in ages. they also have a really big trampoline and I learnt how to do a front handspring and a backwards handspring on the trampoline. on my holidays we didn’t really go anywhere on holidays but my holidays were still awesome!!!

what did you do on the holidays?

please reply!!