June 2015 archive

Fight Song-Rachael Platten

Hello Everyone,

This music video is by Rachael Platten it is called fight song. This is my favorite song ever I hope you enjoy!

If you like this song as well or have something to say about it please comment below!

From Sarah


Hi everyone,

Next term we are going on a camp to Mt Evelyn I cant wait!! I am really looking forward to the leap of faith because I think that it will be really high!  I also am looking forward to the food because I have heard that it is delicious.

I cant wait to find out about the cabins today I hope I have all of my friends in my cabin, that would be awesome. I think the best thing about camp will be that my parents are not there. So I can just stay with my friends.

From Sarah


Byron Bay

Hi Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago i went to Byron bay. it was so much fun we got to do nearly everything we even got to go to Wet n Wild. The best ride for me at wet n wild was probably the tornado which looks like a ginormous funnel its so cool!! I also liked a ride called the surf rider its like a giant surf board that goes so high up its awesome!! In Byron bay we also went to the beach a lot with my cousins it was really fun. It was also my birthday when we were in Byron bay we got to go to the pub for dinner as i got to choose were we went. At the place we were staying at there was a heated pool and a really warm spa it was so relaxing especially if we had just gone to the cold beach!