School Concert 2015

Hi Everyone,

On the 7th of October we had our school concert it was amazing. My class did the songs New York and On the road again/ I’m On My Way. The concert was very exciting everyone had a great time.

The concert was my last concert and I think it was full of brilliance! I think everyone enjoyed the school concert. Our costumes were jeans/overalls a flannel shirt a bandanna and boots for on the road again. For new York our costumes were a top hat, suspenders, white long sleeved top, black jeans and black or white shoes.

The songs for the concert were Bills/Money, Money, Money, Hit the Road Jack, Roam, Fly Away, Born to be Wild, Camel Train to Yamba, On the road again/ I’m on my way, Walk like an Egyptian, Maps, Run through the jungle, Tijabone, Waka Waka, New York, Uptown Funk, La La La, Party down by the sea and then the finale.

My favourite dance was Waka Waka by 5/6l and New York by 5/6s!

The school concert was totally amazeballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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