Inquiry Term 4

Hi Everyone,

this term for inquiry we have been looking at refugees and asylum seekers. Our topic for this term is called a place to call home. We have been talking and reading books about refugees we have really gotten to understand what its really like  be a refugee. I think it would be terrible to feel what a refugee must feel very often those feelings are a mixture of being scared, nervous, clueless, desperate, worried, sad, unknown, lonely, language barrier, excited I think you would feel these emotions because you are moving to a different country with a very short notice and you will be moving to a better place to be, but you will automatically become refugees.

5 Questions I have about this topic:

  1. Do all refugees go to a detention center?
  2. How many refugees have been accepted in Australia, and do we have more or less refugees than other country’s?
  3. Is every refugee bad?
  4. Why cant we accept all of the refugees that come to Australia?
  5. How many refugees are there in the whole world?

I think this topic has been very interesting so far and I think lots of kids in 5/6 will enjoy doing this project on Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

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