Byron Bay

Hi Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago i went to Byron bay. it was so much fun we got to do nearly everything we even got to go to Wet n Wild. The best ride for me at wet n wild was probably the tornado which looks like a ginormous funnel its so cool!! I also liked a ride called the surf rider its like a giant surf board that goes so high up its awesome!! In Byron bay we also went to the beach a lot with my cousins it was really fun. It was also my birthday when we were in Byron bay we got to go to the pub for dinner as i got to choose were we went. At the place we were staying at there was a heated pool and a really warm spa it was so relaxing especially if we had just gone to the cold beach!


Free Friday

Hi Everyone,

As you may know every Friday at school we have a free Friday. But recently it got stopped and there was no free Friday lots of people were annoyed with the decision and thought that we should get free Friday back. We couldn’t decide whether to keep free Friday or get rid of it. eventually we decided to have a debate on the matter. when the debate was over we all got a chance to vote and free Friday won!! Now we have got free Friday back we can all do what we like on Fridays! Me and my friends like doing gymnastics on free Fridays. I am very glad that free Friday has been returned to our school. Its awesome!!!


Breathless (100 word story)

hi everyone,

I did this 100 word story its something where you have to get exactly 100 words not one word more not one word less I did this with my friend Luiza, here is her blog link:

Our story is on breathless:

Twelve hours on a plane, three hours of turbulence.  They finally arrived at their dream destination…HAWAII! It’s time for their underwater adventure.

Dolphins, turtles, everywhere they look. They see every single sea creature swimming in the underwater city. The boat is shimmering majestically in the morning sunlight.

They slipped on their freezing cold, wet wetsuits and threw on their oxygen tanks. Next thing they know they’re underwater. Coral, fish in every direction. They dive even further down into the dark ocean water. As they turn the corner, suddenly they can’t breathe, their oxygen tanks have gone low… so very low!




Hi Everyone,

As you may know I really like playing netball. I recently tried out for an under 11 representative team. Last night at around 12:00 we got a message from the Whitehorse netball association saying that I had got in and made it to the rep team. I was so excited because it was one of my dreams to eventually become a pro netballer and this is a very good start. Last year I was to young to try out so I tried out for a junior development squad and I also got in. It was a great experience and it taught me a lot of netball skills. I play netball every Saturday morning and now I will train every Saturday and Wednesday for rep netball and Saturday netball. Netball is awesome!!:)

The Big Debate

Hi Everyone,

This Friday at school we are having a big debate. we have only one grass area and a whole school that wants to play on it. we don’t just want the boys to run around and kick the footy on it because we found out that the grass area can e used for multiple purposes like skipping, gymnastics, gang up ext. we will have two teams giving there reasons on why we should keep free Friday or why we should get rid of free Friday. I personally think that we should keep it because the boys get the grass the other 4 days of the week the girls only need one and only want one. Would you want to keep free Friday so that you can do what you want on it?

My Learning Goal

Hi Everyone,

My learning goal for this week is to set out my work more neater. I chose this goal because my work always looks so messy because of how I set it out. this goal will make my writing look neater and my page look neater more people will then want to look at my work. we know each others goals and we make new ones each week. at the start of the week we get in a circle and tell each other our goals and then at the end of the week we say how we thought we went with our goal. I think this is a great idea and it helps us with our work and our goal setting. we are now able to make our own goals and improve in our work. my work looks so terrible know one wants to look at it its disgusting. is your work just as bad as mine and do you know a way to fix my work and make it look  better forever?

Clip and Climb

Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago I went to clip and climb with Mia, Zac and Ava. We went on all these rock climbing walls, it was awesome! We also went on something called the vertical slide. We had to get into these funny costumes and then it took you up and when you got to the top you had to let go. The vertical slide was probably my favourite thing there! I also enjoyed the stairway to heaven. It has these poles that start small and get higher and higher as you go along and I got to the top and then I had to jump off!There was also a leap of faith where you climb up a ladder and then jump off onto a boxing bag, but we didn’t get to go on that. we went on most of the rock climbing walls but we didn’t get to go on all them.IMG_2058-2spider man clipnclimb

Anzac Day

hello everyone,

At school we had an Anzac day celebration. We went to church and  we listened to the last post we also had a minute silence. People came up and showed us  medals and hats from peoples siblings that had gone to war. We had a very big display of the parish’s siblings that had gone to war and fought for Australia. War helps us remember all those who have fought for Australia and died by the opposition shooting them while they were trying to protect us and Australia. if someone in my family went to war I would be so sad and scared I would hate it.

My holidays

hello everyone,

my holidays were awesome. I went to a place called latitude its like bounce and clip n climb in one! it also had these really high things that you could go on it was so fun. for Easter we went to my grandparents house we had like 5 Easter egg hunts it was delicious. we saw all of our cousins on dads side it was a nice catch up. my favorite bit of the holidays though was going to bendigo to see my cousins and my aunty and uncle because we haven’t seen them in ages. they also have a really big trampoline and I learnt how to do a front handspring and a backwards handspring on the trampoline. on my holidays we didn’t really go anywhere on holidays but my holidays were still awesome!!!

what did you do on the holidays?

please reply!!

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